IAPEX 2017 – Building Materiel Exhibition and International Conference on “THE UNBUILT” , Karachi

This year the building materials exhibition and conference following the theme The [UN]Built was held on 14th – 16th April, 2017 at the Expo Center in Karachi. Various activities were organized over the 3 days including a building materials exhibition, The [UN]Built themed conference spread over four technical sessions, an exhibition of BAE-IAP Photography Competition, a students’ design charette, a students’ awards night and a gala night.

Over 300 vendors, suppliers and manufacturers from building and construction industry participated in the exhibition. At conference, various veteran architects presented their papers and shared their work including Ar. Nayyar Ali Dada, Ar. Imrana Tiwana, Dr. Sabeen Qureshi, Ar. Thomas Daniell, Swiss architect, Andre C. Meyerhans, Ar. Adil Kerai, Sri Lankan Architect Prassanna Jayalath,  Ar. Iftikhar Azam, Ar. Zohaib and Ar. Arif Belgaumi. The Conference Repertoire, Ar. Fauzia Qureshi, summarized the proceedings of the conference as the last speaker of the day. She began with some of her insights into the theme and its ability to encompass a wide range of ideas and opinions. She was appreciative of the speakers and the ideas that they shared with the audience over 3 days.